Day-Glo™ [ˈdeɪ ɡləʊ] [ɡloʊ] adjective
having a very bright orange, yellow, green or pink colour

Day-Glo cycling shorts

Word Origin:
[Day-Glo] 1950s: blend of day and glow.

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  • Day-Glo — ☆ Day Glo [dā′glō΄ ] trademark for a coloring agent added to pigments, dyes, etc. to produce any of a variety of fluorescent colors adj. [also day glo] designating, of, or like such a color or colors …   English World dictionary

  • Day-Glo — [ˈdeıgləu US glou] adj trademark having a very bright orange, green, yellow, or pink colour ▪ Day Glo orange posters …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • Day-Glo — [[t]de͟ɪ gloʊ[/t]] also Dayglo N UNCOUNT: usu N n Day Glo colours are shades of orange, pink, green, and yellow which are so bright that they seem to glow. [TRADEMARK] …   English dictionary

  • Day-Glo — UK [ˈdeɪɡləʊ] / US [ˈdeɪˌɡloʊ] [usually before noun] trademark extremely bright yellow, orange, pink, or green in colour Day Glo orange socks …   English dictionary

  • Day-Glo — /day gloh /, Trademark. a brand of pigments and other products that exhibit fluorescence in daylight. * * * …   Universalium

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  • Day-Glo — n. & adj. n. propr. a make of fluorescent paint or other colouring. adj. coloured with or like this. Etymology: DAY + GLOW …   Useful english dictionary

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